RUDOLF MOSER (1892-1960): Ballade for Violin and Piano, Op. 3, Concerto for Oboe and String Quartet, Op. 86, Spielmusik for Clarinet, Bassoon and Double Bass, Op. 57/3, Scherzo for Piano, Op. 19, Spielmusik for Solo Viola, Op. 78, 3 Lieder for Soprano and Piano, Op. 14, Honolulu Foxtrot for Piano.

Catalogue Number: 12L065

Label: Divox

Reference: CDX-20803

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Like so many other 20th century Swiss composers, Moser's style is founded in late Romanticism but independent of any contemporary schools of composition. He uses church modes frequently because he felt restricted by the major-minor modes but was uninterested in dodecaphony; also, many of his works are subtly quite polyphonic. Everything here shows an affinity for naturally flowing melody and highly contrasting rhythms often add excitement to the mix. Adeline Oprean, Tamara Russo (violins), Christoph Schiller, Sergio Martini (violas), Alexandre Foster (cello), Botond Kostyak (double bass), Omar Zoboli (oboe), Kaori Tanaka (clarinet), Diego Chenna (bassoon), Andrea Suter (soprano), Jan Schultsz (piano).


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