JOHANN NEPOMUK DAVID (1895-1977): 4 String Trios, Op. 33, String Trio in G.

Catalogue Number: 11X045

Label: CPO

Reference: 555 412-2

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: In the field of chamber composition David most frequently wrote for the string trio (at least among his published works). The equality of three instruments from the same tonal family (i. e., the lack of hierarchies of transmitted role assignments) may have motivated him to compose for this ensemble form without feeling burdened by conventions. With a subtle tonal sense he produces finely dimensioned, almost orchestral effects as well as forcefully nuanced details, and at the same time he is very well informed about remote tonal effects and rare playing techniques and succeeds in using them to meet his goals. David-Trio.


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