Harpsichord Avant-garde

VIOLETA DINESCU (b.1953): Prelude, HANS WERNER HENZE (1926-2012): Romeo and Juliet and Touchstone, Audrey and William from 2 Sonaten über Gestalten von Shakespeare, PETER HEEREN (b.1965): 5 Stücke, Bazon 1-3, JOHN PATRICK THOMAS (b.1941): Eloge 2, Imaginary Dances, ANDERS ELIASSON (b.1947): Disegno, ISANG YUN (1917-1995): Shau Yang Yin, RODERICK DE MAN (b.1941): Chordis Canam for Harpsichord and Soundtracks.

Catalogue Number: 11V078

Label: Musicaphon

Reference: M55723

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: A live recording of a recital from 2004 (so the garde is 15 years less avante). It was intended to document the liveliness and topicality of new harpsichord music, even if at that time the most recent piece was from 1999. In addition, the idea of presenting works in various styles was a guiding principle. Kristian Nyquist (harpsichord).


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