KARL GOLDMARK (1830-1915): Symphonic Poems, Vol. 1 - Overtures Sakuntala, Op. 13, Penthesilea, Op. 31 and Sappho, Op. 44, Scherzos for Orchestra in E Minor, Op. 19 and in A, Op. 45.

Catalogue Number: 11U005

Label: CPO

Reference: 555 160-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Or you could call them “Concert Overtures”. Goldmark was not a symphonist and he knew it (the first scherzo here is a remnant of an early unfinished symphony); what he was was a great orchestral colorist with a knack for setting scenes and telling tales over a fairly lengthy time-frame (these three are each between 18 and 19 minutes long) and that is just what he does with Sakuntala (once recorded both by ASV and Hungaroton), Penthesilea (on an early Marco Polo) and Sappho (not otherwise recorded as far as I can tell). Very enjoyable! Bamberg Symphony; Fabrice Bollon.


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