ALBAN BERG (1885-1935): by Arrangement - Piano Sonata, Op. 1 (arr. Wijnand van Klaveren [b.1975]), Menuet in D Minor, Adagio in F, Sarabande in F, Variations on an Original Theme in D, Adagio in D Minor "On a Poem by Dehmel", Menuet in C Minor (all arr. Ernst Kovacic [b.1943]), Kanon (arr. Alfred Schnittke [1934-1998]), Lyric Suite (Movements not arr. by Berg arr. Theo Verbey [b.1959]).

Catalogue Number: 10Q056

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0247

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Arrangements of piano pieces from Berg's youth (the six pieces arranged by Kovacic are piano pieces from 1904-07 when Berg was studying under Schoenberg) are the real rarities here, along with Dutch composer Verbey's 2005 arrangements of the three movements of the Lyric Suite which Berg left out of his version for string orchestra. Another Dutch composer, the young van Klaveren adds his own version of the piano sonata, for chamber orchestra, to Verbey's own earlier full orchestral version of 1984, this one done in 2011 for the Amsterdam Sinfonietta. NFM Leopoldinum Chamber Orchestra; Ernst Kovacic.


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