JOHANNES BRAHMS (1834-1897): Symphonies No. 3 in F, Op, 90 and No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 98 (transcr. Idil Biret [b.1949]; live recordings Paris 1995 and 1997), 6 Hungarian Dances, WoO 1 (live, Lille Festival, 1993), Paganini Variations, Op. 35, Capriccii, Op. 76, Nos. 1 & 5 (live New York, 1972).

Catalogue Number: 10Q047

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.571303-04

Format: CD

Price: $35.98

Description: As a very young child Biret was making piano transcriptions of symphonic music she heard on the radio before she even read music and all collectors will remember her as the first pianist to record the entire Beethoven/Liszt symphony cycle for EMI. She made these Brahms transcriptions in the 1990s, using the composer's four-hand versions as guidance; neither has ever been published and I don't know whether these live recordings have been out before either. Transcription collectors will let me know, I'm sure! 2 CDs. Idil Biret (piano).


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