DONALD GRANTHAM (b.1947): Starry Crown, KAREL HUSA (b.1921): Cheetah, CHRISTOPHER ROUSE (b.1949): Wolf Rounds, DAVID MASLANKA (b.1943): Give Us This Day, JAN PIETERSZOON SWEELINCK (1562-1621): Variations on "Mein junges Leben hat ein End" (arr. Ramon Ricker [b. late 1940s]).

Catalogue Number: 10P076

Label: Longhorn Music

Reference: LHM20012002

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: The Grantham is based on early 20th century gospel music of the deep south, quoting several authentic songs as part of an entertaining musical scena depicting a declamatory preacher and the responses of the faithful. Husa's Cheetah prowls with pent-up energy, then gives chase in a frantic burst of speed, in a vividly programmatic and colorful miniature tone poem. Wolf Rounds was originally to have been entitled Loops, which describes its form, in slightly menacing overlapping and repeating 'circles' of material; these eventually became circling wolves in a lively and entertaining composition. Sweelinck's elegant variations are treated to a respectful colorization process through Ricker's finely judged chamber textures drawing on the wide resources of the modern wind orchestra. Maslanka's piece, sumptuously and colorfully orchestrated as ever, is fully symphonic in character, despite its relative brevity. The first movement has a somber, brooding magnificence, while the energetic second hurtles to an optimistic conclusion in the form of a richly harmonized Bach chorale. University of Texas Wind Ensemble; Jerry F. Junkin.


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