DARIO CASTELLO (c.1590-c.1630): Sonata seconda, GIOVANNI PANDOLFI MEALLI (c.1620-1669): Sonatas Op. 3/4 "La Castella" and Op. 4/1 "La Bernabea", JOHANN HEINRICH SCHMELZER (c.1620-1680): Sonata seconda, Sonata quarta, RICCARDO ROGNIONO (c.1555-c.1620): Diminutions on the Madrigal "Ancor che co'l partire" by Rore, ANGELO BERNARDI (c.1636-1694): Canzona, Op. 7/6, ANGELO NOTARI (1566-1663): Canzona Passaggiata, GIOVANNI BASSANO (1558-1617): Diminutions on the Chanson "Susanne un jour" by Lassus, Solo Harpsichord: GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI (1583-1643): Cento Partite sopra passacagli - Prima parte & Seconda parte.

Catalogue Number: 10P015

Label: Atma

Reference: ACD2 2638

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This collection, performed by a young, award-winning Canadian recorder virtuoso (this recording was one of his prizes), surveys the virtuoso Italian repertoire of the early 16th century, most of it written for violin but, as often, suitable for the recorder which itself benefitted from the flowering of this genre. Vincent Lauzer (recorder), Mark Edwards (harpsichord, organ).


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