WILLIAM BRADE (1560-1660): Paduana & Galliard à 6 in G, G and G Minor, Paduana, Galliard & Coranta à 5 in A Minor, Ballett à 5 in D Minor, Coral for Violin and Bass, Allmand & Coranta à 5 in D Minor, Allmand à 5 in G, Paduana & Allmand à 6 in G, THOMAS SIMPSON (1582-1628?): Intrada à 5 in D Minor, Courante and Volta à 5 in D Minor, Canzon à 4 in G, Ballet and Volta à 5 in D, Pavan & Galliard à 5  in D Minor, Canzon à 5 in C, Ballett "La mia Salome" à 5 in D, Pavan "Sachevil's dolorosi" & Galliard à 5 in A Minor, Almande à 4 in C, Mascarada à 5 in G.

Catalogue Number: 10P013

Label: CPO

Reference: 999 952-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: 72 minutes of music for strings (one or two violins - a flute substituting one violin in the Simpson - and four gambas with continuo) by a pair of English composers who spent in the culture-loving courts of the Weser region of Germany. Weser-Renaissance Bremen;  Manfred Cordes.


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