NICCOLÒ ZINGARELLI (1752-1837): Giulietta & Romeo - highlights.

Catalogue Number: 09X020

Label: Chateau de Versailles

Reference: CVS044

Format: CD + DVD

Price: $27.98

Description: Napoleon had an incredible passion for Italian opera, as shown by the 143 Italian soloist concerts given at the Court between 1810 and 1815! Zingarelli’s opera was given a major performance with Giuseppa Grassini (contralto and Napoleon’s mistress) and castrato Girolamo Crescentini. It was premiered at La Scala in 1796 and performed several times in Paris before Napoleon by his two favorite singers. “They make heroism burst forth in me”, Napoleon used to say. Italian-English texts. Franco Fagioli (countertenor), Adèle Charvet (mezzo), Philippe Talbot (tenor), Choir and Orchestra of the Opéra Royal; Stefan Plewniak.


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