JEPPE MOULIJN (b.1972): Viola Concerto (Francien Schatborn [viola]), 4 Sea Poems for Soprano and Orchestra (Marijje van Stralen [soprano], East Netherlands Symphony Orchestra; Jeppe Moulijn), Et Fit Lux for Tenor and Orchestra (Peter Gijsbertsen [tenor], Brabant Orchestra; David Parry), Violin Concerto (Joris van Rijn [violin], University of Amsterdam Orchestra; Moulijn

Catalogue Number: 09Q086

Label: Aliud

Reference: ACD BE 067-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Moulijn's idiom is thoroughly neo-romantic and very tonal, with notably clear, translucent orchestral writing. The viola concerto's first movement has great rhythmic energy, with an obsessive pulse. The second alternates an elegant formal dance and ominously dramatic material, making it sound like a number from an unknown ballet by Prokofiev. The third movement comprises a vigorous toccata, propelled by the soloist, which transitions into a hushed, rapt chorale. Here and in the first movement the influence of Britten can be felt, and this is even more true of the Sea Poems' soaring melodic contours and chill, ominous atmosphere, evoking the brooding north sea and the fateful message of Whitman's texts. The ending fades away, 'dissolving into infinity', a characteristic of Moulijn's work, shared by the others here. The harder-edged idiom of 'And there was Light', although only two years more recent than the viola concerto, seems to point to a shift in emphasis toward a more terse, economical idiom, while the earlier violin concerto is an unabashed exercise in sumptuously nostalgic neo-romanticism, with deliberate homage paid to Korngold in a most attractive work, less individual in style than the others but no less enjoyable for that


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