Some unusual repertoire in a big Ruggiero Ricci box-set

ALBERTO GINASTERA (1916-1983): Violin Concerto, Op. 30 (world premiere performance, Oct. 3, 1963, New York Philharmonic Orchestra; Leonard Bernstein), ÉMILE JAQUES-DALCROZE (1865-1950): Violin Concerto No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 51 (Orchestre de la Suisse Romande; Ernest Ansermet. March 10, 1965), CARLOS HEINRICH VEERHOFF (1926-2011): Violin Concerto No. 1, Op. 40 (Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra; Cristóbal Halffter. Oct. 16, 1978) and concertos by Glazunov, Paganini (1 - two versions, 4 and 6), Brahms (two versions), Sibelius, Goldmark, Stravinsky and Dvořák.

Catalogue Number: 08V069

Label: Rhine Classics

Reference: RH 008

Format: CD

Price: $69.98

Description: We’ve had a couple of requests for this and it’s finally being offered here in the U.S.. Only a full disc’s worth of rare concertos, so it’s up to you! Oh, Veerhoff is an Argentinian of German descent and his concerto was dedicated to Ricci. A German scholar summarized him as follows “Carlos Veerhoff remained a composer in German musical life who did not follow contemporary compositional fashion. He called himself "clique-free" and paid this freedom with the fact that he was never offered a professorship and could not find a renowned publishing house for his compositions. Among the circle of influential German composers and critics he was never accepted as a real avant-gardist, because his treatment of the dodecaphony was unorthodox and in addition to all contemporary currents always kept reference to tradition”. His Wikipedia page is worth looking up. 6 CDs.


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