AKIRA NISHIMURA (b.1953): Piano Sonata, Toccata, Roses Metamorphosis, Carillons of Ekstasis, Opalesque Sonata, Mirror of Stars, Arirang Fantasy.

Catalogue Number: 07K096

Label: Camerata

Reference: CMCD-28083

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Nishimura's output for solo piano has been a constantly evolving aspect of his entire creative life to date, and covers a wide range of expressive territory. The early sonata betrays its influences - mid-century eastern Europeans and jazz - in an engaging, relatively conventional three movement piece that stands somewhat apart form the rest. The lively, highly virtuosic Toccata uses elements of Bach in a high-energy display piece in the style of a modern two-part invention. Elsewhere, the composer's taste for colorful, atonal keyboard effects -energetic and incisive, as in Tritrope, or impressionistic, as in Roses Metamorphosis is very much to the fore. Carillons takes this preoccupation with coloristic effects to the extreme, beginning with clusters and bell-tones and proceeding to the highest register. Evocations of light, stars and natural phenomena coexist in the composer's ├Žsthetic with virtuosic pianistic gestures which sometimes, slightly disconcertingly, suddenly hark back to their Romantic origins. Noriko Ikariyama (piano).


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