FISHER TULL (1934-1994): Accolade, BRUCE BROUGHTON (b.1945): Silverado Overture, MASAO YABE (b.1952): Symphonic Dance "Tsuki-no-Utage", FRANK TICHELI (b.1958): Sanctuary, WILLIAM WALTON (1902-1983): The Quest (arr. Vilem Tausky, transcr. Steven J. Capaldo).

Catalogue Number: 07K090

Label: Klavier

Reference: K 11169

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Broughton's breezy overture is from his music for the 1985 western Silverado, and sounds like what it is; high quality film music. Ticheli's Sanctuary, as the title suggests, exudes an enfolding warmth in a consoling, thoroughly tonal vocabulary. Yabe's piece is a programmatic tone-poem, a fantasy of an otherworldly nocturnal celebration by hosts of goblins and spirits. After a mysterious shadowy introduction the celebration bursts into full swing in an orgiastic, rhythmic dance, punctuated by episodes of seductive melodiousness. The Tull is a bold and dramatic piece in a lively and entertaining style. UNLV Wind Orchestra; Thomas G. Leslie.


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