ORESTE RAVANELLO (1871-1938): Organ Works: Fantaisie, Op. 31, Preludio romantico, Op. 92/1, Prélude gothique, Op. 40/1, Chanson nordique, Op. 40/2, 4 pezzi, Op. 112, Sonata in D Minor, Violin and Organ: Sonata in F Minor, Contemplazione, Op. 117/3, Andante, Op. 117/1.

Catalogue Number: 07K061

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 874301

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: If you can imagine, at one time, Ravanello, Marco Enrico Bossi and Lorenzo Perosi were all at St. Mark's in Venice and used to have improvisation competitions with each other. His main career, though, was spent in Padua as maestro di cappella at the Basilica of St. Anthony from 1898 to 1936. Though much of his compositions were written for the liturgy (and he was a strong supporter of the Cecilian reforms which, as far as his organ pieces go, looked to the examples of Mendelssohn and Rheinberger), he also wrote some secular organ pieces, of which a substantial sonata (the D Minor of 1893) and several shorter works are recorded here. Cristiano Rossi (1929 Zanin organ of the Cathedral of Saints Ilario and Taziano, Gorizia, Italy), Andrea Macinanti (violin).


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