GIUSEPPE VALENTINI (1681-1753): Concerti grossi, Op. 7, Nos. 1-3, 7, 10 & 11.

Catalogue Number: 07K019

Label: Zig-Zag Territories

Reference: ZZT 020801

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Several recordings of Valentini's chamber works have appeared in these pages over the last decade but this set of concerti grossi (1710) add more information about this composer who, at the height of his success (around 1710-1720) practically monopolized musical activity in Rome. His desire to break boundaries and innovate is plain in such work titles as Bizzarie, Fantasie, Idee and Villegiature; on this recording we have a concerto for four violins lasting almost 20 minutes (No. 11) while the rest of the concerti have virtuosic parts for both first violin and for viola (which sometimes plays higher than the violin). Spicy references to folk music and unusual harmonic progressions illuminate three of Valentini's most prominent characteristics: humor, fantasy and originality. Ensemble 415; Chiara Banchini.


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