The British Piano Collection, Vol. 2

BALFOUR GARDINER (1877-1950): Prelude, 5 Pieces, Salamanca, The Joyful Homecoming, Michaelchurch, Noel, Shenandoah and other pieces, Mere (Original 1992 Continuum CD release), BENJAMIN DALE (1885-1943): Sonata in D Minor, Night Fancies, Prunella (Original 1992 Continuum release), JOHN FOULDS (1880-1939): Seven Essays in the Modes, Variazioni ed improvvisati su una Thema Originale, English Tune with Burden, Gandharva-Music, April-England, (Original 1984 Altarus LP and 1992 CD release), ALAN BUSH (1900-1995): 24 Preludes, Nocturne, Letter Gaillard, Corentyne Kwe-Kwe (Original 1984 Altarus LP and 1993 CD release).

Catalogue Number: 06V043

Label: Heritage

Reference: HTGCD 406

Format: CD reissue

Price: $43.98

Description: Gardiner is the most neglected of these composers since much of his time was spent promoting British music; his piano pieces are more rhythmic than melodic and belong to a genre associated with English folk dance types. 4 CDs. Peter Jacobs (piano).


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