HELENA MUNKTELL (1852-1919): Violin Sonata in E Flat, HARALD FRYKLÖF (1882-1919): Sonata à la legenda, ALGOT HAQUINIUS (1886-1966): Suite for Violin and Piano, IKA PEYRON (1845-1922): 2 Character Pieces, Op. 2. (First Recordings except for Fryklöf).

Catalogue Number: 06V034

Label: db Productions

Reference: DBCD195

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Technically demanding and harmonically advanced, Munktell’s 1905 sonata has energy in its fast movements, a melodically beautiful slow movement and hints of Swedish folk music. Haquinius (1936) is simpler with two contemplative movements and a brisk finale while the Peyron pieces (1888) are for the salon, by a woman composer who had around 40 works published - most of them after the age of 50! Fryklöf’s sonata was competed just before his death and uses church modes and folk music elements in an original cyclic structure (it was recorded by Caprice in 1977 but never reissued on CD.) Cecilia Ziliacus (violin), Bengt Forsberg (piano).


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