ANATOLIJUS ŠENDEROVAS (b.1945): String Quartet No. 3, Song and Dance for Piano Trio, Melody for the Film “Ghetto” for Violin and Piano, Dialogue for Violin and Viola, Hommage à Heifetz for Solo Cello.

Catalogue Number: 06S074

Label: Dreyer-Gaido

Reference: DGCD21102

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Šenderovas has a readily approachable neo-romantic style, tonal with modal inflections reflecting his national heritage. The main work here, and a major one, is the quartet, a compressed epic symphony in five linked movements. Its duration - just under 25 minutes of tautly integrated argument - and some distinctive gestures - are very reminiscent of Sibelius. The second section is very like a chamber reduction of Tapiola, and the end of the slow movement takes on an air of majestic landscape that quite belies the work's modest forces. The composer has a flair for the theatrical; the upbeat, energetic finale is preceded by a symbol of hope; the recorded cries of a newborn baby. Similarly, the lively stamping rustic dance Song and Dance turns into a raucous, possibly drunken, celebration with noisy vocal interjections. The first part of this delightful work is a beautiful melody, and so is the Jewish folk-tinged transcription of unused music intended for a film about the Vilna ghetto. Art Vio FortVio.


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