Music for 4 Cellos

KAZIMIERZ WIŁKOMIRSKI (1900-1995): Ballade and Rhapsody, RUDOLF MATZ (1901-1988): Quartet in D Minor, PROSPER VAN EECHAUTE (1904-1964): Pièce Sonate, Op. 9, ALFREDO PIATTI (1822-1901): In vacanza.

Catalogue Number: 06S063

Label: CD Accord

Reference: ACD 237-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: The Flemish van Eechaute’s 1939 piece is the oldest here by the three 20th century composers and it sounds like a missing work by Ravel - 13 minutes of Imrpessionistic delight complete with quotes from Daphnis et Chloé. Wiłkomirski’s is a 1961 transcription of two movements of a string quartet, Impressionistic and Polish folk-flavored in turn. The Croatian Matz’ 23-minute, four-movement quartet is like a daydream of 19th century Romanticsm, passing over the stylistic decades, quoting from Rossini operas along the way and finishing with its own brand of “Slavic Dances”. That leaves Piatti’s ten-minute 1891 “Vacation”: “Departure”, “Arrival” and “Rustic Dance”. Really enjoyable rarities!


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