LOUIS BROQUET (1888-1954): Andante, Suite for Organ, GEORGES CRAMER (1909-1981): Suite joyeuse, GEORGES ATHANASIADÈS (b.1929): Suite pour un Grand Orgue, Paschalia, Agaunensia, Lisztiana Hellenica.

Catalogue Number: 06S059

Label: Tudor

Reference: 7206

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This recital celebrates organists of a Swiss abbey dating from the 5th century. Gregorian sources predominate but there are delicious things like the percussion stops Athanasiadès uses in two of his works (and the Liszt first piano concerto, a second century Greek hymn, the Greek national anthem and two original themes all rolled up in the tasty four minute Lisztiana Hellenica) and the exquisite Tambourin in Cramer’s aptly named “Joyous Suite”. Not a long disc (47 min.) but a rich one. Georges Athanasiadès (organ of the Basilica de Saint-Maurice, Switzerland).


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