Animal Universe - Zoo-Etudes from Denmark!

ANDERS KOPPEL (b.1947): The Badger, ANDERS NORDENTOFT (b.1957): Spider, JOHN FRANDSEN (b.1956): Hippopotamus, PETER BRUUN (b.1968): Frog, EVA NOER KONDRUP (b.1964): Seal, ANDERS BRØDSGAARD (b.1968): Chameleon Variations, BIRGITTE ALSTED (b.1942): The Turtle Dreams … What?, ANDY PAPE (b.1955): Loxodóntula, KARSTEN FUNDAL (b.1966): Migratory Bird, AMIR MAHYAR TAFRESHIPOUR (b.1968): The Persian Cheetah, MOGENS CHRISTENSEN (b.1955): Flea, ERIK ØRUM VON SPRECKELSEN (b.1961): The Sanderling.

Catalogue Number: 05W064

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 8.224733

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Can music designed to improve technique hold its own aesthetic value? Danish pianist Bjørkøe has an inspired answer to that question. She commissioned a set of three animal etudes from twelve composers and here presents the charming, evocative and very useful musical menagerie that resulted. From flea to hippo, beginner to professional, there is something for everyone. Christina Bjørkøe (piano).


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