JOSEF ANTONÍN ŠTĚPÁN (1726-1797): Harpsichord Sonatas in G Minor, S.20, in G, in C Minor, in B Flat and in B Flat.

Catalogue Number: 05W032

Label: Glossa

Reference: GCD 921810

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: As the performer here puts it “I think this is extremely important music, a sort of missing link in the transition from harpsichord to piano. It is fresh and dramatic, using tone poems and rhetorical devices. It is at the forefront of the development to a new era of composition. One can recognize the flavours of Mozart, Haydn, and early Beethoven, perhaps due to Steffan’s long sojourn in Austria.” The sonatas recorded here date from around 1760. Mitzi Meyerson (harpsichord).


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