KENT OLAFSSON (b.1961): Champs d’étoiles.

Catalogue Number: 05S069

Label: db Productions

Reference: dBCD 178

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This is a suite of pieces based around the idea of pilgrimage toward spiritual insight. The music is modern, with some use of microtones and contemporary playing and singing techniques, but it is written for instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque (so the microtones could also be heard as a commentary on different tuning scales through the ages), lending the work a temporally ambiguous, timeless quality. Stylistically, too, the piece superimposes or veers between gestures native to the instruments and subtle, fragile fragments of material with some resemblance to Sciarrino. Two of the movements, with cosmological overtones, are electro-acoustic, and the final section, setting fragments from the text of a mystical vision, unites the electronics and the whole ensemble. Lipparella.


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