HANNS EISLER (1898-1962): Kalifornische Ballade (First Recording - Hermann Hähnel [baritone], Leipzig Radio Choir and Large Leipzig Radio Orchestra; Adolf Fritz), 2 movements from Suite for Orchestra No. 1, Op. 23, Excerpts from the Incidental Music for the Plays Die letzte Nacht, Kamrad Kasper and Draw the Fires (Ebony Band Amsterdam, rec. 1990 and 1992), Brecht Songs w/Gisela May: Die Spazeirgänge from the Film Kuhle Wampe, O Fallada, die du hangest from the Revue Es war einmal... (Studio orchestra; Henry Krtschil. 1969 VEB Deutsche Schallplatten LP release), 4 Wiegenlieder für Arbeitermütter (Walter Olbertz [piano], 1966 VEB Deutsche Schallplatten LP release), Unterhaltungsmusik II (H. Eisler Chamber Orchestra; Eisler. 1931 Homochord recording), California Song (Ernst Busch [baritone], Studio orchestra; Walter Goehr. 1935 Parlophone recording).

Catalogue Number: 05S048

Label: Berlin Classics

Reference: 0300933BC

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The six songs and ballads written by Eisler for the radio play “California Ballad” are among his least known works and receive their first release here in a 1968 East German radio recording. Started in Berlin in 1932, the exiled composer's work was eventually completed in London in 1934 and was broadcast for the first time on December 7 of that year, albeit in a foreign language (Flemish - that recording from an April 12, 1935 radio broadcast) is also included here. Otherwise what we have here is a trove for Eisler completists with historical recordings mixed with analogue stereo ones from the 1960s and the Ebony Band in the early 90s doing pieces most associated with jazz and dance-band styles. German texts.


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