JOSEPH MAYSEDER (1789-1863): Chamber Music, Vol. 1 - Concert Variations for Piano Quartet in F, Op. 24, in D, Op. 57 and in E, Op. 63 “Souvenir à Baden”, Divertimento in D for Violin and Piano, Op. 35.

Catalogue Number: 05S028

Label: Gramola

Reference: 99103

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Mayseder was a virtuoso violinist who also played in the famous Schuppanzigh Quartet and was an orchestral violinist in many premieres of Beethoven and Schubert’s F major mass. This first volume brings us most of his flashy chamber pieces - just like virtuosic contemporary violin-and-piano repertoire but with two more string instruments. The violinist gets most of the crowd-pleasing stuff but the other three players are not shut out of soloistic opportunities. We should be getting at least some of his eight string quartets as this series goes on. Lissy Quartet.


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