JEAN-BAPTISTE LEMOYNE (1751-1796): Phèdre.

Catalogue Number: 04V025

Label: Bru Zane

Reference: BZ 1040

Format: CD

Price: $36.98

Description: This recording presents the first performance of the almost completely forgotten composer Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne’s opera in its complete form since its premiere in 1786. It reveals a work whose classical surface conceals a style that is vehement, exalted and threatening by turns, a thrilling testimony to the bubbling energy of pre-Romanticism. Lemoyne’s ‘manner’ in the noble genre preserves a remarkable austerity, severity and theatrical effectiveness. If his melodies reject the pleasant charm of a Philidor or a Grétry, if his harmony surprises one with layouts or gaps that are sometimes disconcerting on the printed page, he knows how to embellish his scores with theatrical gestures, orchestral shocks and vocal outbursts that give them great intensity. 2 CDs. French-English libretto. Judith van Wanroiij, Melody Louledjian (sopranos), Julien Behr (tenor), Tassis Christoyannis (baritone), Purcell Choir, Orfeo Orchestra; György Vashegyi.


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