HEINRICH WILHELM ERNST (1812-1865): Solo Violin: Erlkönig - Grand Caprice after Schubert, Op. 20, Trio pour un violon, 6 Etudes pour le violin à plusieurs reprises, Violin and Piano: Variations brillantes sur un Thème de Rossini, Op. 7, Feuillet d'album after "L'art de phraser", Op. 16/14 by Stephen Heller), Elégie sur la mort d'un objet chéri (with introduction by Louis Spohr), Le Carnaval de Venise - Variations burlesques sur la canzonetta "Cara mia mamma", Op. 18.

Catalogue Number: 04O040

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.572575

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Half of the material here has already appeared on Toccata Classics' ongoing Ernst "Complete Music" series so we offer this budget-priced recital for those of you who might want to sample Ernst's dazzlingly difficult music (or those who want alternate versions!). Josef Spacek (violin), Gordon Back (piano).


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