FRANZ SCHREKER (1878-1934): Der Holdestein, Vergangenheit, Versunken, Auf dem Gottesacker, Meereswogen, Gesang der Armen im Winter, Schlehenblüte, ROBERT FUCHS (1847-1927): 3 Gesänge for Women's Choir, Op. 65, 2 Gesänge for Women's Choir, Op. 66, WALTER BRAUNFELS (1882-1954): 2 Männerchöre, Op. 41, SCHREKER/CLYTUS GOTTWALD (b.1925): Im Lenz, Umsonst, Und wie mag die Liebe.

Catalogue Number: 04N061

Label: Carus

Reference: 83.399

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Most of Schreker's choral works were from his student days but such mini-Romantic epics as Der Holdestein, conservative, and Meereswogen, much more adventurous, point the way toward his operatic style. Fuchs' pieces are brilliant, light and utterly charming as is everything else on this rather unique collection of late German Romantic choral melos. German-English texts. Konrad Elser (piano), Orpheus Vocal Ensemble;  Michael Alber.


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