GINA ENRÍQUEZ (b.1954): Tango, Fantasía en jazz, MARÍA GRANILLO (b.1962): Breathing Music, MARCELA RODRÍGUEZ (b.1951): Juguetes mexicanos (Recorder Concerto No. 2), LETICIA ARMIJO (b.1961): Oikabeth.

Catalogue Number: 04N011

Label: Colección Murmillo de Sirenas

Reference: no catalogue number

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Works by Mexican women composers: one making use of popular music sources - Enríquez' titles tell you what you need to know and her orchestration is suitably colorful. Rodríguez' recorder concerto's three movements are inspired by the quality and nature of three children's toys - tops, kites and marbles. Armijo's is a tribute to Mayan and other indigenous women's struggles for social justice and works three motives into a sequence of mounting affirmation while Granillo creates motives imitative of the regular and irregular nature of breathing and weaves them into a compelling narrative. Don't fear - everything is quite tonal. Orquesta Sinfónica del Instituto Politécnico Nacional;  Gabriela Díaz Alatriste.


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