JOHANNA SENFTER (1879-1961): Violin Sonatas in A, Op. 26 and in G Minor, Op. 32, 2 Suites for 2 Violins, Op. 91.

Catalogue Number: 03U009

Label: Paladino Music

Reference: pr 0101

Format: CD

Price: $29.98

Description: Senfter was a gifted and prolific composer, a student and protégé of Reger and an admirer of Brahms. She had no interest in dodecaphony or any form of serialism, and maintained a conservative, Romantic, tonal idiom even as she developed her own individual style over the decades. Her instrument was the violin, and she performed on and composed for it extensively. Both the violin sonatas were written around the time of WWI. The A major was earlier, a very Brahmsian work, with genial, relaxed outer movements, a lovely lyrical slow movement and a witty scherzo resembling a gavotte. The g minor would certainly have pleased Reger, had he lived a few more years to hear it. The second movement is a rather earnestly and seriously jolly fugue full of contrapuntal witticisms certain to delight Reger aficionados! - and the third is a scherzo, also slightly heavy-handedly humorous. The finale is a big set of variations on a naive, songlike theme, that does exactly what you want a Romantic variation sequence to do, rising to a splendid climax along the way. The later Suites are more individual in style; modelled on suites of Baroque dances, they are written in late Romantic harmony that is stylistically very reminiscent of Reger and his fondness for "composing in the ancient style”. The violin writing is exemplary and ingenious. 2 CDs. Friedemann Eichhorn (violin), Paul Rivinius (piano), Alexia Eichhorn (violin - Op. 91).


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