JOHN GARDNER (b.1917): 5 Dances, Op. 179, CHRISTOPHER STEEL (1938-1991): Changing Moods, Op. 59, JOHN RUTTER (b.1945): Toccata in Seven, WILLIAM MATHIAS (1934-1992): Recessional, Op. 96/4, IAIN FARRINGTON (b.1977): Animal Parade, DOBRINKA TABAKOVA (b.1980): Diptych.

Catalogue Number: 03M075

Label: Regent

Reference: REGCD346

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This is kind of an organ equivalent to a "British Light Music" disc with the atmosphere generally playful, entertaining and light. The biggest work is organist/composer Farrington's 26-minute menagerie (the Hippopotamus and the Blue Whale are my favorites but the Critics are amusing too!) but Gardner's refashioning of old English and Scottish dances and Steel's sequence (Genial March, Pensive Ground, The Chase, Nocturnal Siciliano and Dancing Toccata) are no less ingratiating, as are the European folk sources of Tabakova's Pastoral which is followed by finely graded Chorale. William Saunders (organ of Brentwood Cathedral)


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