THOMAS ARNE (1710-1778): Artaxerxes.

Catalogue Number: 03M029

Label: Linn

Reference: CKD 358

Format: CD

Price: $30.98

Description: Arne's only attempt at an Italian-style English opera (1762) has a spectacularly taxing role for soprano and richly orchestrated music with captivating tunes that vividly depict the various characters and illustrate their situations. This new version from the Gramophone 2010 "Label of the Year" has a newly commissioned completion of the lost finale by Duncan Druce and these artists performed the whole opera at Covent Garden in 2009.  Collectors who have Peter Holman's completion from 1996 on Hyperion: it's up to you! 2 CDs. Libretto included. Christopher Ainslie (countertenor), Elizabeth Watts, Rebecca Bottone (sopranos), Caitlin Hulcup (mezzo), Andrew Staples, Daniel Norman (tenors), Classical Opera Company; Ian Page.


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