ERMANNO WOLF-FERRARI (1876-1948): Suite Veneziana, Op. 18, Trittico, Op. 19, Divertimento, Op. 20, Arabeschi, Op. 22, Intermezzo from L'amore medico, Prelude to I quatro rusteghi, Overture to Il segreto di Susanna, Il Campiello (Ritornello).

Catalogue Number: 03L073

Label: PhilArtis

Reference: PAV 0902

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: These four orchestral suites date from 1935-1939 and are all first recordings. The Venetian suite is for strings only and all four movements have a now sweet, now world-weary melancholy about them; the Trittico has a chorale-like movement and a Prayer wrapped around a funeral march, but we return to the sunny world we expect from this composer in the Divertimento and Arabeschi which are full of his colorful orchestration, delightful melodic inspiration and deceptively learned contrapuntal deftess. Oviedo Philharmonia; Friedrich Haider.


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