Music for my Love - 3

LLOYD MOORE (b.1966): Leavings, ADAM GORB (b.1958): Desta, DAVID HACKBRIDGE JOHNSON (b.1963): When Words Fail…, RODNEY NEWTON (b.1945): Beyond Compère, ROBERT MATTHEW-WALKER (b.1939): The Rivers of Time, MARTIN GEORGIEV (b.1983): Lifepath, DAVID BRAID (b.1970): Out of the Darkness, DANA PAUL PERNA (b.1958): Memory Brings You, IAN HOBSON (b.1952): Coventry Ca(sse)rol(e), RAYMOND HEAD (b.1948): Ave atque Vale, MICHAEL CSÁNYI-WILLS (b.1975): Nocturne for Yodit.

Catalogue Number: 02V072

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0504

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Volume 3 of this remarkable series, memorializing the cruel bereavement of Toccata Classics' founder, the endlessly inspiring and productive musical entrepreneur Martin Anderson, continues with eleven more pieces by his composer friends and colleagues. (The first two volumes are 12S076 and 01U067.) These tributes to Yodit Tekle are as varied as the composers who created them, and while all are tonal, what this means in the context of the different pieces covers some very wide territory. The predominant mood is eloquently elegiac, the Perna and Matthew-Walker perhaps expressing the greatest depth of sorrow, and Head and Moore the most poignant expressions of pain. Gorb and Hobson elected to provide joyful, life affirming pieces, and the sense of progression toward a brighter afterlife in Braid's fugue is similarly celebratory and uplifting. With no disrespect intended toward any of the composers represented here, all of whom, as on the previous two volumes, have made sterling contributions to this most worthy project, inevitably some works will emerge with greater stature than others. On Vol. 2 it was the work by Robin Walker, composer of granitic tone poems (06R070); here it’s Hackbridge-Johnson's When Words Fail... which (unsurprisingly in view of the composer’s stature as symphonist - see 04S008, 08U009, 04U009) is powerful and dramatic, going rather beyond the expected scope of a musical eulogy. Ukrainian Festival Orchestra; Paul Mann.


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