CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862-1918): Le Martyre de saint Sébastian (transcr. André Caplet [1878-1925] rev. & compl. Vincent Larderet), Images - First Series, Préludes - Book II.

Catalogue Number: 02T035

Label: Ars Produktion

Reference: ARS 38 20

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $18.98

Description: In addition to finishing the orchestration of Le Martyre for Debussy, Caplet also created a piano reduction which was necessary for the rehearsals. Caplet published three of the four Préludes and Danse extatique himself, all three of which also existed in the form of piano reductions. Caplet also arranged two excerpts for solo piano that were originally intended for voice: La Passion, a dark and agitated movement with dramatic accents, and Le bon Pasteur, an unexpectedly calm and expressive vision. Pianist Larderet’s “rev. & compl.” contribution is detailed in the notes. Vincent Larderet (piano).


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