ROLF RIEHM (b.1937): Lenz in Moskau for Trupmet, Trombone, Cello, Guitar, Piano, 2 Percussionists and Recorded Voices (Ensemble Ascolta), Im Nachtigallental for Solo Cello (Erik Borgir), Ton für Ton (Weiße Straßen Babylons) for Contrabass Clarinet (Theo Nabicht), Au bord d'une source for Tenor Recorder, Orchestra and Electronics (Jeremias Schwarzer [recorder], Hessian Radio Symphony Orchestra; Sian Edwards).

Catalogue Number: 02Q081

Label: Wergo

Reference: WER 7314 2

Format: CD

Price: $23.98

Description: Lenz in Moskau is a kind of music-theatre piece for instrumentalists and pre-recorded voices. With the solo instruments clearly adopting character roles, incorporating a degree of extended technique, the piece refers to the disintegrating psyche of the poet Lenz in Büchner's story. In "Valley of the Nightingales", the cello eloquently narrates an episode of the Orpheus myth, a bardic recitation with speeches, descriptions and the creation of scene and context, all expressed through a wide-ranging technical vocabulary. Weiße Strassen similarly puts the contrabass clarinet through its paces, in a work suggested by the founding of an ancient civilization and its erosion through war. Au bord is a concerto for recorder and large orchestra on a substantial scale. Beginning with the protagonists in their customary roles - the orchestra grandiose and overwhelming in massive, distorted romantic chords, the solo instrument nimble, playfully burbling - the work gradually progresses through a series of confrontations and conversations to a kind of understanding between the two


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