NICOLAS BACRI (b.1961): Trumpet Concerto (Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne; François Bilger), MARTIN MATALON (b.1958): Trame V for Trumpet and Orchestra (Orchestre National de Lorraine; Jacques Mercier), KAROL BEFFA (b.1973): Trumpet Concerto (Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France; Ming Huang),CARLOS GRÄTZER (b.1956): Aura "Par-delà les résonances" for Trumpet and Orchestra (String Orchestra of the Garde Républicaine; Sébastien Billard).

Catalogue Number: 02Q075

Label: Indesens

Reference: INDE071

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: Beffa's concerto begins as a gentle meditation in an uncomplicated, slightly archaic-sounding modal language, which gradually accumulates textural density and more modern harmonies. This is interrupted by a brief, driven scherzo, highly rhythmic and punctuated by abrupt, staccato outbursts. The final section is unbroken, songlike melody, in which the solo instrument finally takes center stage and soars above the ensemble. Matalon's piece, part of a series of concertante works, consists of seven movements of contrasting character, highlighted by the changing personae adopted by the solo instrument through the use of a different mute in each. These range from jazzy and extrovert to angular and abrasive, to fragile and undemonstrative. Sometimes, big band jazz is evoked, with a regular beat; more commonly such jazz allusions as there are reflect a more modern, free-jazz idiom; there are episodes of imitation within the orchestra that emulate electronic echo effects. The Bacri is a memorial tribute to Tippett, with some references to the English composer's distinctive language. There are also suggestions of the jazz history of the trumpet, in smooth melodic contours and extended, freely melismatic solos. Grätzer's work is a tumultuously virtuosic showpiece, written for Aubier, which pits a formidable solo part against all manner of interactions with the ensemble. This is the most contemporary-sounding piece here, but hugely enjoyable as a celebration of technical bravura, and far from inaccessible. Eric Aubier (trumpet).


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