OSCAR LORENZO FERNÁNDEZ (1897-1948): Trio Brasileiro, Op. 32, ROBERTO SIERRA (b.1961): Piano Trio No. 4 "La noche", MIGUEL DEL ÁGUILAR (b.1957): Tango Trio, Op. 71, ASTOR PIAZZOLLA (1921-1992): Las Cuartro Estaciones Porteñas (arr.José Bragato [b.1915]).

Catalogue Number: 02Q050

Label: Centaur

Reference: CRC 3336

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The two main works here are the Brazilian Fernández' four-movement, 23-minute trio from 1924 which intriguingly marries the harmonic language and thematic recall of Franck with popular Brazilian idioms especially in its middle two movements, Cançao and Dansa, and Sierra's 2011 La noche trio which evokes the sounds and sensations of the tropical night in a small town in Puerto Rico which he experienced as a boy. This is especially colorful and evocative as it chronologically makes its way from "Dusk" to "Ronda nocturna with tree-frogs" to the serene yet mysterious "The Night Air" and an Alborada inspired by the Dominican Republic's merengue. Uruguayan del Águila's six-minute piece from 2001 is self-explanatory and sandwiches the other two works with the Piazzolla arrangement. Arcos Trio.


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