JONATHAN ÖSTLUND (b.1975): Violin Concerto, Aquarelle, Morpheus Metamorphoses, Paganini Fantasia, The Forgotten Garden, Légendes de la Mer, Saga, Nocturnia - Ethereal Night’s Ascendance.

Catalogue Number: 01V069

Label: Divine Art

Reference: dda 25199

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Thoroughly approachable and enjoyable works in a tonal, neo-Romantic vein, with strong overtones of the film-score medium, more so in some works than others. The Violin Concerto is a robust three- movement specimen, with a heroic Nordic mythology-invoking first movement, a pensive, tragic slow movement, and a driven, dramatic finale. The work contains what appear to be strangely obvious references to a familiar film-score theme and (more obliquely) a well-known ballet, and the Impressionistic Aquarelle may contain an allusion to Debussy; maybe this and the other specific and stylistic references have some significance, or maybe the composer borrowed them unwittingly. Unfortunately, the slightly ridiculous and uninformative booklet notes offer nothing of use in this respect (or any other). Morpheus Metamorphoses (no, no idea what the title means, for reasons above) is an alternately stormy and briskly martial miniature dramatic tone poem - there are those disconcerting allusions again - a very effective piece of musical storytelling. The substantial, atmospheric Légendes de La Mer, unsurprisingly, is very much in modo Debussy, while Nocturnia, another tone poem, is portentous and strives for the epic and unquestionably impressive, though not without (likely inadvertently) straying into film music territory. Multiple performers including Bergslagen Chamber Philharmonic Ensemble and Moscow Bow Tie Orchestra & Mixed Chorus.


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