Moncayo Centenary Box - 14 World Premiere Recordings!

JOSÉ PABLO MONCAYO (1912-1958): Orchestral (3 CDs): Piece for String Orchestra*, Amatzinac for Flute and String Orchestra (Sabina Laurain [flute]), Hueyapan*, Huapango, Llano Alegre*, Symphony*, Sinfonietta, Homenaje a Cervantes for 2 Oboes and String Orchestra, 3 Pieces for Orchestra, Tierra de temporal, Cumbres, Bosques, La potrancea from the film Raices*, Ballet Tierra* (Orquesta José Pablo Moncayo; Enrique Bátiz), Chamber and Piano (2 CDs): Aria for String Trio*, Duo for Violin and Cello*, Sonata for Violin and Cello* (Shari Mason [violin], Jorge Martínez [viola], César Martínez-Bourguet [cello]), Amatzinac for Flute and String Quartet, (Tadeu Coelho [flute], New Mexico String Quartet), Romanza for Piano Trio, Trio for Flute, Violin and Piano (Asako Arai [flute], Ana María Tradatti [piano]), Viola Sonata (Martinez [viola], Guadalupe Parrondo [piano]), Violin Sonata (Mason [violin], Parrondo [piano]), Solo Piano: Zarabanda*, Tiempo de danza*, Pequeño nocturno*, 3 Pieces, Piece (Homenaje a Carlos Chávez)*, Muros verdes (Parrondo [piano]), Vocal (1 CD): Canción del mar for Mixed Chorus, Momento musical for 3-Voice Chorus* (Coro José Pablo Moncayo; Manuel Flores), La Mulata de Córdoba - Opera in One Act (Gabriela Thierry [mezzo], Mauricio Esquivel [tenor], Armando Gama [baritone], Sergio Meneses [bass], Gustavo Cuatli [tenor], Choral Soloists of the INBA, Orquesta Sinfónica Carlos Chávez; Juan Carlos Lomónaco), Historical (sic) Recordings (2 CDs): Canción del mar (Coro de Madrigalistas del INBA; Luis Sandi. Televisa Radio, 1959), Sinfonietta (Orquesta Filarmónica del UNAM; Eduardo Mata. Sony-BMG, 1995), Homenaje a Cervantes (Orquesta de Cámara de México; Luis Herrera de la Fuente. Musart, c.1954), 3 arias from La Mulata de Córdoba (Grace Echauri [mezzo], Rolando Villazón [tenor], Ópera de Bellas Artes; Gil Ordoñez. Acervo INBA, 1996), Muros verdes (Jorge Federico Osorio [piano]. Cervantino International Festival, 1983), Cumbres (Louisville Orchestra; Robert Whitney. Soundmark Records, c.1955), Bosques (Orquesta Filarmónica de la Ciudad de México; Eduardo Diazmuñoz. Prodisc, 1993), La potranca (Soundtrack from the film Raíces, 1954), Huapango - 7 versions - Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional; Carlos Chávez (1951), Luis Herrera de la Fuente (1956), Orquesta Sinfónica de la Ciudad de México; Enrique Bátiz (1981), Orquesta Sinfónica de Xalapa; Herrera de la Fuente (1986), Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra; Eduardo Mata (1988), Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Enrique Diemecke (1999), Orquestra Filarmónica de las Américas; Alondra de la Parra (2010).

Catalogue Number: 01O007

Label: Conaculta

Reference: no catalogue number

Format: CD

Price: $95.98

Description: First things first: there is one other recording of the 1944 symphony (offered here in December 1998 on the defunct Mexican Spartacus label) and our description of it then can be repeated here: "...wide-open, Western feeling, the palpable presence of Mexican folk and popular music (most obvious in several eloquent statements from solo trumpet) and the insistent, often varied rhythms". However, that recording used a manuscript with many deletions probably made by conductors; this new recording is the first of the complete original manuscript. The second major find is the 15-minute tone-poem Hueyapan which immediately preceded Huapango around 1938 and which has almost all of the musical characteristics which crystallized in the more famous piece. Space forbids a longer note but we point out that, although the 28-page Spanish article in the 128-book of notes is not translated, all of the notes on the music are - 30 pages of well-rendered English. NOTE: I don't know how many more of this set I'll be able to get after it sells out. I've begun with 11 on hand... 8 CDs. (World Premiere Recordings - *)


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