Notes for October 2010

Number of items in this month's catalogue: 9

1. Yet again, no Dutton Epochs - at least not the ones you're waiting for. I know for sure now, having asked the distributor specifically, that the Butterworth, the Holbrooke and the other three will be here in November. Why not issue the most saleable ones first? Who the hell knows?

2. You'll find some new Polish special imports this month and, for the first time, some Finnish piano music on a specially imported Finnish label. Next month, I'll have four imports of Catalonian music from a label in Barcelona.

October 2010 Catalogue

Format: CD

Supplements to Schumann's Neue Zeitschrift für Musik - Vols. 1-16

Lieder: FELIX MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847): Das Waldschloss, K 87, Pagen Lied, K 75 LOUIS SPOHR (1784-1859): Was mir wohl übrig bliebe, WILHELM HEINRICH RIEFFEL (1792-1869): Der Pilger, Ermunterung, OSWALD LORENZ (1806-1889): Mignons Lied, Gesang der Sterne, PAULINE VIARDOT-GARCIA (1821-1910): Die Kapelle, JOHANNA MATHIEUX-KINKEL (1810-1858): Trinklied, JOHANN VESQUE VON PÜTTLINGEN (1803-1883): Die Geisterinsel, LEOPOLD SCHEFER (1874-1862): Generalbeichte, JOSEPHINE LANG (1815-1880): Das Traumbild, Op. 28/1, JOHANN JOSEPH HERMANN VERHULST (1816-1891): Religioso, 2 geistliche Gesänge, LOUIS HETSCH (1806-1872): Abschied, LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770-1827): Gesang der Mönche, WoO 104, Kurz ist der Schmerz und ewig ist die Freude!, WoO 163, FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828): Chor der Engel, D 440, Des Jammers herbe Qualen from Fierabras, D 796, ANON.: Chor aus Ossian's Gesängen, CARL KOßMALY (1812-1893): Mein erster Gedanke, Von dir so ferne!, Die Weinende, JULIE VON WEBENAU (1813-1887): Eigne Bahn, FERDINAND HILLER (1811-1885): Die Rheinmöve, ADOLPH HENSELT (1814-1889): Der Dombau, FRIEDRICH HIERONYMUS TRUHN (1811-1886): An die Kunstgenossen, NORBERT BURGMÜLLER (1810-1836): Frühlingslied, LUDWIG SCHUNKE (1810-1834): Gretchen am Spinnrad, FERDINAND KUFFERATH (1818-1896): Morgen, JULIUS BECKER (1811-1859): Das Islamägdlein (2 versions), JULIUS STERN (1820-1883): Unter den dunklen Linden, Mein Herz ist im Hochland, AUGUST DÖHLER: Gott sende deine Güte, CLARA SCHUMANN (1819-1896): Am Strand, JULIUS RIETZ (1812-1877): Die Hexenküche, Piano Pieces: ADOLPH HENSELT (1814-1889): Rhapsodie in F Minor, Impromptu, Op. 7, Romance in C Sharp Minor, IGNAZ MOSCHELES (1794-1870): Prelude and Fugue in E Flat, STEPHAN HELLER (1813-1888): 3 deutsche Tänze, Toccatina, Op. 16/7, JOSEPH ELSNER (1769-1854): Trauermarsch from Passionsmusik, Op. 65, CARL MARIA VON WEBER (1786-1826): 6 Fughetten, Op. 1, SIMON SECHTER (1788-1867): Contrapunctische Studien I & II, CLARA SCHUMANN (1819-1896): Andante und Allegro, Op. 11/2, WILHELM TAUBERT (1811-1891): Prelude in A, JOHANN JOSEPH HERMANN VERHULST (1816-1891): Notturno, FELIX MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847): Gondellied in A, NICOLÒ PAGANINI (1882-1840): Stammbuchblatt.
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Format: CD
JEAN SIBELIUS (1865-1957): Edition - Choral Music - Kullervo, Op. 7, Movements III and V for Soloists, Male Voice Choir and Piano* (Johanna Rusanen [soprano], Jorma Hynninen [baritone], Ilmo Ranta [piano]), Rakastava, JS 160a (Tuomas Katajala [tenor]), 6 Songs, Op. 18, Cease, O Cataract, Thy Foaming, JS 94, Hymn (Natus in curas), Op. 21, In the Moonlight, JS 114 (all YL Male Voice Choir; Matti Hyökki), Song of the Athenians, Op. 31/3 (Minervaskolans musikklasskör, Harri Viitanen [harmonium]), Sandels, Op. 28* (both Folke Gräsbeck [piano], Akademiska Sångföreningen; Henrik Wikström), Have You Courage?, JS 93* (version for male voice choir a cappella), Not with Lamentation, JS 69, The Power of Song, JS 118, My Brothers Abroad, JS 217, To the Fatherland (final version), JS 98b, The Origin of Fire, Op. 32 (Raimo Laukka [baritone], Gräsbeck [piano]), Have You Courage?, Op. 31/2* (version for male voice choir and piano; Gräsbeck [piano]), Song of the People of Uusimaa, JS 214b (version for male voice choir), 5 Songs, Op. 84, Fridolin's Folly, JS 84, Jonah's Voyage, JS 100, 2 Schybergson Songs, JS 224, Resemblance, JS 121, March of the Finnish Jäger Battalion, Op. 91a* (version for male voice choir and piano; Gräsbeck [piano]), Honor March of the Singing Brothers of Viipuri, JS 219 and 220, 2 Songs, Op. 108, Skyddskår's March, JS 173 (Gräsbeck [piano]), The Guardian of the Bridge, JS 170a, Karelia's Fate, JS 108*, Give me no Splendor, Gold or Pomp, Op. 1/4 (Olli Hannuksela [tenor]), Finlandia Hymn from Op. 26 (version for male voice choir) (variously Akademiska Sångföreningnen; Wikström, YL Male Voice Choir; Hyökki and Orphei Drängar; Robert Sund), Alone in the Dark Forest's Clasp, JS 72, When Spring is Born Again, JS 139, Thought, See How the Bird Swoops, JS 191, So Faded Everything Is, JS 96, Up Through the Air, JS 213, Ah!, Listen, Miss Gillenborg, JS 10, March of the Laborers, JS 212, Play, Pretty Maiden, JS 176 (Tom Nyman [tenor]), Festive March from Cantata for the University Graduation Ceremonies of 1894, JS 105, 2 Italian Folksong Arrangements, JS 99, 9 Songs for Mixed Choir from Cantata for the University Graduation Ceremonies of 1897, Op. 23 (Monica Groop [soprano], Sauli Tiilikainen [baritone], Juhani Hapuli, ARi-Pekka Mäenpää [percussion]), Carminalia (version for three-part mixed choir), JS 51a, Rakastava, JS 160c, The Broken Voice, The Boat Journey, Fire on the Island and Song of My Heart from 6 Songs, Op. 18 (versions for mixed choir), Busy as a Thrush, JS 129, To the Fatherland, JS 98a (version for mixed choir), In the Morning Mist, JS 9a, 25th October 1902. To Thérèse Hahl, Not with Lamentation, Listen to the Water Mill (fragment), JS 122, 2 Songs, Op. 65, Song of the People of Uusimaa (version for mixed choir), 3 Songs for American Schools, JS 199, Dreams, JS 64, Scout March, Op. 91b (Gustav Djupsjöbacka [piano]), The Way to School, JS 112, School Song, JS 172, The Lofty Heaven, JS 58a, A Child is Born unto Us, JS 142, Finlandia Hymn (version for mixed choir) from Op. 26, Why, O Father, Do You Kiss My Bride?, JS 218, Carminalia (version for two-part female choir and piano), JS 51c (Djupsjöbacka [piano]), Homesickness, JS 111, Impromptu, Op. 19*(version for female choir and piano) (Gräsbeck [piano]), March of the Primary School Children, JS 103, Cantata to Words by W. von Konow, JS 107, In the Morning Mist (version for children's choir), JS 9b, Hail, O Princess, The Landscape Breathes, May the Hymn of Honor Now Resound from Cantata for the University Graduation Ceremonies of 1897, JS 106 (version for female/children's choir), 2 Christmas Songsfrom Op. 1 (versions for two-part female choir), The World Song of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, Op. 91b (Djupsjöbacka [piano]) (variously Jubliate Choir; Astrid Riska; Dominante Choir; Seppo Murto and Florakören; Ulf Långbacka), 10 Chorales written for Martin Wegelius in Helsinki*, 24 Chorales written for Albert Becker in Berlin* (Dominante Choir; Murto), Cantata for the University Graduation Ceremonies of 1897, JS 106 (version for soprano, tenor, mixed choir and piano) (Helena Juntunen [soprano], Mika Pohjonen [tenor], Gräsbeck [piano], Dominante Choir; Murto), Hymn (Natus in Curas), Op. 21 (YL Male Voice Choir; Hyökki), Carminalia, JS 51b (version for two-part female choir and organ) (Jubilate Choir; Riska, Kaj-Erik Gustafsson [organ]), To the Fatherland, JS 98b (original version) (YL Male Voice Choir; Hyökki), Song of the Athenians, Op. 31/3* (version for boys' and men's voices) (Helsingfors gosskör, Edenäs gosskör, Minervaskolans musikklasskör, Akademiska Sångföreningen; Henrik Wikström), Impromptu, Op. 19 (orignal version for female choir and piano) (Florakören; Långbacka, Gräsbeck [piano]), Have You Courage?, Op. 31/2 (original version for male voice choir and piano) (Akademiska Sångföreningen; Wikström, Gräsbeck [piano]), Not with Lamentation, JS 69* (version for mixed choir with later corrections), The Landscape Breathes from The Breaking of the Ice on the Oulu River, Op. 30 (version for children's choir with first ending) (Dominante Choir; Murto), To Sea, Op. 84/5 (preliminary version) (YL Male Voice Choir; Hyökki), Give me no Splendor, Gold or Pomp (version for three-part boys' choir and two versions for female choir and soprano) (Gosskör från Lilla Akademien; David Lundblad and Jubliate Choir; Riska, Sirpa Lilius [soprano]), You are Great, O Lord, JS 58b (version for male voice choir and organ), Finlandia Hymn from Op. 26 (versions for male voice choir and for mixed choir) (YL Male Voice Choir; Hyökki, Harry Viitanen [organ] and Dominante Choir; Murto).
Price: $59.98
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Price: $11.98
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Price: $28.98
Format: CD
Price: $24.98
Format: CD
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Format: CD
TRISTAN KEURIS (1946-1996): Complete Works - For Orchestra: Quartet, Choral Music I, Concerto for Alto Saxophone, Sinfonia, Serenade for Oboe and Orchestra, Piano Concerto, Movements, 7 Pieces for Bass Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra, Violin Concertos Nos.1 & 2, Variations for Strings, Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra, Symphonic Transformations, Aria for Flute and Orchestra, Catena: Refrains and Variations for 31 Winds, Percussion and Celesta, 3 Sonnets for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra, 3 Michelangelo Songs for Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra, Antologia, Double Concerto for 2 Cellos and Orchestra, Laudi for Solists, Mixed Choirs and Orchestra, Organ Concerto, 3 Preludes, Symphony in D, Chamber Concerto for Accordion and Ensemble, Arcade. Chamber Groups: Saxophone Quartet, Concertante Music for 9 Instruments, Music for Violin, Clarinet and Piano, Concertino for String Quartet and Bass Clarinet, Capriccio for 12 Winds and Double Bass, 8 Minatures for 6 Players, Divertimento for Violin, Wind Quintet, Piano and Double Bass, String Quartets Nos. 1 & 2, Clarinet Quartet, Piano Trio, Music for Saxophones, 5 Pieces for Brass Quintet, Clarinet Quintet, Intermezzi for 9 Winds, Passeggiate for 4 Recorder Players, L'Infinito for Vocal Quintet and 17 Instruments, String Sextet, To Brooklyn Bridge for 24 Voices and Ensemble. Instrumental: Play for Clarinet and Piano, Piano Sonata, Fantasia for Flute, Fingerprints for Piano, Violin Sonata, Aria for Flute and Piano, Canzone for Clarinet.
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Format: CD
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BEAT FURRER (b.1954): Spur for Piano and String Quartet (Hsin-Huei Huang [piano], Stadler Quartet), Xenos for Ensemble (Ensemble Contrechamps; Furrer), MAURICIO SOTELO (b.1961): Audéeis for Voice and String Quartet (Arcángel [flamenco voice], Stadler Quartet), GYÖRGY KURTÁG (b.1926): ...quasi una fantasia..., Op. 27/1 for Piano and Instrument Groups (Nicolas Hodges [piano], Ensemble Contrechamps; Furrer), What is the Word, Op. 30b for Alto, Voices and Ensemble (Piroska Molnár [alto], Vokalensemble Zürich, Ensemble Contrechamps; Furrer), STEVE REICH (b.1936): Different Trains for String Quartet and Pre-recorded Tape (Stadler Quartet), Sextet for Perucssion and Keyboards (Österreichisches Ensemble für Neue Musik), GYÖRGY LIGETI (1923-2006): 3 Stücke for 2 Pianos (Miki and Nora Skuta), Continuum for Harpsichord (Florian Birsak), TOSHIO HOSOKAWA (b.1955): Landscape V for Shô and String Quartet (Quatuor Diotima), Cloud and Light for Shô and Orchestra, JOHN CAGE (1912-1992): TWO3 for Shô and Conches (Mayumi Miyata [shô],Arabella Hirner [conches]), GALINA USTVOLSKAYA (1919-2006): Composition No. 2 "Dies irae" for 8 Double Basses, Wooden Block and Piano (Noriko Shiozaki [piano], Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg; Johannes Kalitzke), KLAUS HUBER (b.1924): Chamber Concerto Intarsi - in memoriam Witold Lutoslawski for Piano and 17 Instrumentalists (Hodges [piano], OENM; Arturo Tamayo), Tempora for Violin and Orchestra (Frank Stadler [violin], Mozarteum Orch. Salzburg; Tamayo), FRANCK CHRISTOPH YEZNIKIAN (b.1969): Harnischstriemen (Faltenachsen) for Cimbalom and Ensemble (Luigi Gaggero [cimbalom], OENM; Arturo Tamayo).
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