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A note about our old catalogues.

Since Records International came under its present management in July 1997 we have maintained an online presence at this site, and have built up a considerable library of catalogues, all of which are still available to view (see below). We know - because we've been told - that some of our customers, and indeed casual browsers interested in the sort of music we provide, regard our back catalogues as valuable informational resources, providing detail about a wide range of recorded music, some of it difficult to access through other channels. For this reason, for the foreseeable future, we intend to keep all our old catalogues available. However, interested customers should note that the past 6 years have been a very volatile time in the recording industry - how could you have missed it, indeed? - and in consequence, there have been many changes in the availability of recordings. Changes in price, changes in distribution or availability by direct ordering from overseas, deletion, reissue and other factors have meant that a considerable percentage of the recordings in the older catalogues may no longer be available, may only be obtainable by special order, or may not be available at the prices listed. However, we will make every effort to obtain any recording for any customer who wants it. So please; if you want to buy something from an older catalogue, check with us first by e-mail or by using one of our convenient toll-free numbers, and we'll be able immediately to let you know the current status of the item you're interested in. Thank you!

All Catalogues from before December 2006 are now kept on a copy of the old website.


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