STUART HANCOCK (b.1975): Violin Concerto, Raptures - Suite for Orchestra, Variations on a Heroic Theme.

Catalogue Number: 12V067

Label: Orchid Classics

Reference: ORC 100111

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: In high demand as composer for film, television and the concert hall, Hancock has won admirers worldwide with music hallmarked by heartfelt romantic gestures, rousing tunes and opulent orchestrations. His love for sumptuous Hollywood scoring flows through his album’s opening track, Variations on a Heroic Theme, a lion-hearted showcase for every instrument of the orchestra. The ambitious 2005 concerto, in grand Romantic form, gives the soloist opportunity for florid virtuosity in the first movement, yearning and passion simmer beneath a deceptively calm surface in the slow movement and the finale is in vivacious rondo form, flecked with playfulness and humor. Rich tonal colors, atmospheric impressions and inventive brilliance characterize Raptures, a five-movement symphonic suite. Jack Liebeck (violin), BBB Concert Orchestra; Levon Parikian, Dima Sobodeniouk.


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