Romantic Finnish Piano Music

ILMARI HANNIKAINEN (1892-1955): Sonata in C Minor, Op. 1, EINARI MARVIA (1915-1997): Sonata in D Flat, Op, 16, Variations on an Ostrobothnian Folk Song, Op. 10, MARTIN WEGELIUS (1846-1906): Memories of a Day in Saxon Switzerland - 3 Fantasy Pieces, RICHARD FALTIN (1835-1918): Variations on an Original Theme, SIRKKA HARJUNMAA (1926-2018): Wedding March, Etude.

Catalogue Number: 12V040

Label: Alba

Reference: ABCD 446

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: As the title promises, this is all late Romanticism with the two largest pieces being the monumental 28-minute sonata by Hannikainen from 1912 and the more compact 17-minute sonata by Marvia (1945) while Sibelians will recognize Wegelius and Faltin as among the master composer’s teachers. Risto-Matti Marin (piano).


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