ERICH WOLFGANG KORNGOLD (1897-1957): Das Lied der Liebe.

Catalogue Number: 12U050

Label: Rondeau Production

Reference: ROP6167

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: As a conductor, Korngold was given the task of arranging Johann Strauss's operetta Das Spitzentuch der Königin for a Viennese performance. Off-and-on for a few years he polished up the instrumentation of the vocal numbers to suit the taste of the audience, incorporated lively melodies from other works, embedded well-known waltzes, and thus turned the Strauss arrangement into a genuine work of his own which was performed at the very end of 1931 (Richard Tauber took a few of its numbers on tour with him later on.). English synopsis. No libretto. Total time: 81:35. Lilli Wünscher, Laura Scherwitzl (sopranos), Adam Sanchez, Andreas Rainer (tenors), Orchester der Musikalischen Komödie Leipzig; Stefan Klingele.


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