AUGUSTA READ THOMAS (b.1964): Bassoon Concertino, LIBBY LARSEN (b.1950): full moon in the city (Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble; Timothy Weiss), RUSSELL PLATT (b.1965): Concerto for Bassoon and Strings (Oberlin Sinfonietta; Weiss), PETER SCHICKELE (b.1935): Bassoon Concerto (Oberlin Orchestra; Raphael Jiménez).

Catalogue Number: 12R050

Label: Oberlin Music

Reference: OC 15-05

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: Thomas' Concertino consists of impressions of three whimsical works of art, by Klee, Kandinsky and Miró. Klee's angular lines in Rope Dancer are reflected in jaunty gestures in spare textures, while Kandinsky's fantastical creatures floating weightlessly evoke a richer-textured, more colorful, harmonically fuller musical response. Miró's exuberant and cheerful painting receives a lively, playfully syncopated response; all three movements feature the bassoon center stage, with a wide range of technical and expressive gestures. Larsen's triptych evokes a nocturnal cityscape, a noirish vision of jazz clubs, juke boxes and slightly sinister streets in an engaging tonal idiom with borrowings from popular idioms. Platt's concerto has mid-20th century shades of Copland and neoclassical Stravinsky in three tonal movements in traditional form. Schickele's lively and appealing five-movement concerto is the real thing, albeit in a lighter vein with some Gershwinesque overtones and an abundance of attractive melody, harmonic warmth and rhythmic vitality. George Sakakeeny (bassoon).


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