LÁSZLÓ SÁRY (b.1940): Hyperion’s Song of Destiny for Orchestra, Hexagramm for Chorus and Orchestra, In memoriam Igor Stravinsky for Winds, There’s only ever what there is for Chorus and Orchestra, Journey to Ixtlan for Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra, El viaje definitivo for Mezzo-Soprano, Cor Anglais, 2 Clarinets and Orchestra, Ludus choralis for Violin, Double Bass and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 12R045

Label: Budapest Music Center

Reference: BMC CD 218

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

No Longer Available

Description: The principal work here, by a distance the longest, and the most powerful and memorable, is the twenty- minute Hyperion's Song of Destiny (after Hölderlin) for twenty-four strings. To a greater or lesser extent, Sáry's idiom consists of free canonic textures in which lines overlap in irrational divisions of the meter, phasing in and out to produce a kind of slow minimalism somewhat related to 'new spirituality'. This piece stands somewhat apart from the others here in its high degree of heterophony, dissonance and density of texture. The piece reflects the opacity and primeval chaos of human existence, rather than the purity of spirits basking in Elysium, the polar opposites in Holderlin's poem. Moments of harmonic resolution occur as though by accident, gleams of light breaking through the flow of dark, dense material. The other works are more conventionally beautiful and based on tonal harmony, from the slowly shifting chords of the two settings of poetry by Sándor Weôres to the Stravinskyan timbres and clarity of the piece in memory of the Russian composer or the post-minimal processes of the opulent chorale accompaniment in Ludus choralis for strings. Similar free canonic processes provide the restless harmonic flow of the accompaniments to the two compositions setting Juan Ramón Jiménez's elegiac poem Journey to Ixtlán. Klára Csordás (mezzo), Lajos Lencsés (cor anglais), Horia Dumitrache, Lajos Rozmán (clarinets), Anna Mérey (violin), István Lukácsházi (double bass), Schola Cantorum Budapestiensis, MR Symphony Orchestra Winds, BHKZ Academy; Géza Gémesi.


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