TERENZIO ZARDINI (1923-2000): Messa In Simiplicitate for Female Chorus and Organ (Cristina Zanella [organ], Chamber Chorus of the Dall’Abaco Conservatory of Verona; Mario Lanaro), Minuetto for Orchestra (Verona Youth Orchestra; Giorgio Croci), Organ Works: Sonata I, La pieve di Cascina, Meditazione serafica, Introduzione e Allegro, Arioso, Fantasia in C, Chorale on “A Solis ortus cardine”.

Catalogue Number: 12R041

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 922301

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Another example of a, Italian Catholic priest with an extensive catalogue of compositions, Zardini stands out for the quantity of his organ music of which the examples here run from short pieces for liturgical use to a Messiaen-influenced sonata (1971), a romantic little tone-poem of Respighian style (La pieve, also 1971) and a twelve-tone Introduzione e Allegro (from 1976 and the only time Fr. Zardini used that technique). His charmingly simple mass of 1961 is in the studied archaic style of Respighi, Casella and Malipiero. Pier Damiano Peretti (organ of Basilica di Monte Berico, Vicenza).


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