LUDWIG BERGER (1777-1839): Gesänge aus der Liederspiel “Die schöne Müllerin”, Op. 11, FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828): Die schöne Müllerin, D 795.

Catalogue Number: 12R018

Label: Avi-music

Reference: 8553333

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Where did Die schöne Müllerin come from? A musical parlor game in Berlin in 1816 where a group of young men put on a short play interspersed with songs about a lovely mill-maid and the three men who court her. Two years later this group had the composer Berger set ten of these pieces to music; five of the texts were by the poet Wilhelm Müller. In 1821, Müller expanded this theme with the cycle of poems that Schubert set. Berger’s are short and unelaborate except for the last one, Des Baches Lied, which has all of the piano colors and expressiveness which the others do without. The whole ten-piece set lasts only 16 minutes but is invaluable to collectors interested in the history of Die schöne Müllerin. No texts. Markus Schäfer (tenor), Tobias Koch (c. 1830 Fritz fortepiano).


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